Right Up Your Street

Every week, Alex Cann is out and about visiting a different street in Doncaster and Bassetlaw asking some (not so) probing questions! You could hear yourself on the Trax FM Breakfast Show if he comes and chats to you. If you'd like him to visit you get in touch by emailing HERE.

On Tuesday, he'll be at Carr Lodge Academy in Balby with Traxy Bear, finding out some answers to a burning question...what's your favourite pizza topping?

Listen again to his visit to Mexborough...what are the little things in life that make you smile?

Listen again to his visit to Askern...which childrens' TV shows do you remember watching, growing up?

Memories of some great 70s shows...

An unusual crush from the florists'...

Listen again to his Epworth visit...how many hours' sleep do you get, and do you have any good tips for good quality sleep?

Part 1, starring Julian at Metres to Miles, Katie at Sorrelle and Jenny at Wishing Well:

Part 2, starring Sarah and Marion from Laura's Hair Mechanics:

Listen again to his Doncaster Market visit...would people prefer to go abroad, or take a staycation in the UK?