Lost Pets

Pets are always part of the family – that’s why here at Trax FM if you lose your pet we will do what we can to help spread the word which will hopefully reunite you.

Complete the form below with a recent picture if you have one and we'll try and bring you and your pet back together.




Current Lost & Found Pets

If you have any additional information on the whereabouts of the below pets, please contact Charlotte or Tom on 01302 341166. If your and your pet are reunited please let us know so that we can remove it from the website. 


Lost Dog 10.08.2014 - King Charles spaniel, only young, answers to the name Tilly. She has a small white patch of furr on the left side of her body and she is about 1 and a half foot tall. She is a loving and family dog. Went missing from the scawsby/cusworth area.


Lost Cat 08.08.2014 - Female, British shorthair, white and grey. Was lost on the bramworth road area reward if found


Lost Cat 03.07.2014 - Ginger male cat with a white chest and paws, Buster is approx 14 years old, has one eye and is going deaf. missing from thievesdale area in Worksop.


Lost Cat 23.06.2014 - Male British Blue. Currently missing fur on hind quarters and back legs due to allergic reaction to flea treatment.
Oscar is a house cat and has been missing since
from Crabtree area of town.


Lost Cat 14.06.2014 - Ginger tom cat, with white markings, between 6-9 months old. Unneutered and named Garfield. Missing from the Manton area of Worksop.

Lost Dog 03.06.2014 - Ginger Greyhound, answers to Millie, wearing a collar with her address.