Matt Foister



It started in January 2012; when Arqiva Award nominated and all round debonair and suave 25 year old Matt Foister joined Trax FM (in case it’s not obvious HE wrote the opening paragraph; he must be mid 30s)

We have no idea what he has on Management but it must be good; because over four years in and Matt’s still waking up Doncaster & Bassetlaw.

Weekdays from 6 we present “STUFF!”  It’s just talking and messing about between records but if we can get you into the day feeling marginally better then we’ve won.

There’s the odd dilemma tackled in The Secret 6 O’Clock hour… there’s The 7 O’Clock Classic (never at 7 O’Clock…) and after 7.30 we discuss REAL LIFE… It’s the breakfast show that makes the mundane mildly entertaining.

Tune in; Mon – Fri from 6am and Saturdays from 9am (oh; and tell your friends)