Tin Can Tour 2014

It's the end of our Tin Can, it's got to go back to Yorkshire Caravans!

Matt's been for one last visit to Doncaster College so he can thank them for making it happen. Have a look at the gallery for all the photos from Doncaster College and the whole tour!

Matt wanted to show our appreciation for the support from Doncaster College and after much soul searching came up with a very special way of thanking them! Have a look at the last video from the Tin Can Tour 2014 just below, or scroll further down to see all the videos from the tour.





If you missed the summer going's on in our rickety old van - here's some of the highlights

Thousands of people wake up to a fella in a studio everyday on Trax FM….. Picture that fella; doing what he does every day BUT from a rickety old Caravan. Have a look at more photos of Matt's "luxury" caravan here.

That's exactly what we did in the Trax FM Tin Can Tour 2014 with Doncaster College, bringing JOY into the hearts of people in Doncaster and Bassetlaw.

Last year we took a Mr Softee Ice Cream Van to dish out free ice cream to you, this year we got hold of a Caravan…! “It’s part of our national fibre… without it; it wouldn’t be summer!” This was the only reason Matt gave for the nuts idea… 

Week One, we set up in Tesco's car park in Doncaster and called for your donations of tat to furnish our sadly bare Tin Can in return for Tesco's vouchers, all the while broadcasting Matt Foister's Breakfast Show, with only minor mishap, but the show must go on! Have a look at the video of all the tat we got and check out the gallery for photos from the first outing of the Tin Can Tour 2014.

Week two, Matt and the Trax FM Tin Can Tour 2014 visited Doncaster Race Course for an extra special live version of Race Ticket Wednesday from their car park. Matt challenged you to drop in wearing your finest hat for the chance to win tickets to the races featuring a live performance by the Kaiser Chiefs after the racing. Julie was deemed to be wearing the best hat of the morning and got an extra prize of a backstage meet and greet with the Kaiser Chiefs. Have a look at the pictures here and see the videos below.

Week three took us to Asda near the Dome. We got a trolley full of shopping - the nearest guess to how much it was worth got their weekly big shop paid for!

Week four saw us in Worksop, outside the Savoy Cinema. It was our Movie Amnesty - swap your dodgy old videos and DVDs for a family pass to the cinema.

And in week five, we headed to Retford Town Hall to giveaway all the tat we'd collected on the tour, with a few cash prizes thrown in as well.

Then for the Tin Can Tour Encore! Matt's been back to Doncaster Races for Handbags At Dawn...! Your chance to win Grandstand Tickets to be at the races... INCLUDING the famous Ladies Day! Matt puts News Nick on a "horse" and challenges hime to read listeners messages while riding the course at Doncaster Race Course.

Relive the best bits in our collection of videos below.




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